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Norway 2018

29 SEPT - 7 OCT





“I am lost for words! There is no way to describe the whole evening, the energy, the love. I am thankful from the core of my heart.”

Sincere, intense, yet sublime - Atmasfera shares more than music. Their music style hybridizes ethnic elements, such as ancient yoga sounds, within a contemporary indie music frame. Similar bands include Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver, Beirut, Mumford & Sons, Of Monsters and Men, etc. Leading the band, extraordinary twin sisters Yamuna and Kalindi inspire audiences around the world with heart-warming vocals and tunes from flute, keyboard, harmonium, and more. The two girls are accompanied by Timur (drums, darbuka), Janardana (vocals, bass guitar), Dennis (acoustic guitar, dombra), and Sergiy (electric guitar).

"With your music you touch everything I have deepest inside of my heart, soul, and mind. I've never seen a more powerful music band. I will keep your mood, music, emotions, and atmosphere always in my heart."

Alina Kairiukstyte

Atmasfera Concert 2017



Indie Folk Concert


Authentic, pure, sublime - Atmasfera shares more than music. They hybridize ethnic elements, such as ancient mantras in Sanskrit, within a contemporary indie music style.

Yoga SoundFest


The forgotten section of yoga - Music! Dive into the yoga sounds by yoga to live music, deep relaxation, and an interactive Mantra Diving concert. Free of charge.

Atma Retreat


Get inspired to make a change! Join us and the amazing musicians of Atmasfera for a 5-day meditation and yoga retreat. Vegetarian food, nature, soothing music, and more.



Welcome to Trondheim's most vibrant yoga & music event

Yoga SoundFest is a forum for exploring the depth of the ancient Eastern traditions
- far beyond the yoga mat. This mini-festival is an unconventional, joyous, and enlivening experience for all kinds of people, in all walks of life.

Indie folk music band Atmasfera from Ukraine will infuse the festival with energy and life - and you will have a chance to take part in Mantra Diving, Yoga Flow to live music, Yoga Sound Meditation, Drum Circle, and more.



More about the festival

Mantra Diving


Music is the heart of Yoga SoundFest. In our main event called 'Mantra Diving', Atmasfera combine indie music with ancient Mantras for an energizing yet deeply relaxing music & meditation experience. We invite you to dance and sing along, or to just listen and embrace the magical mantra sounds in your heart.

Yoga & Meditation


Experience a new dimension to the yoga practice as we combine breath, movement, and live mantra music by Atmasfera. Our experienced yoga teachers will help you to energize and recharge your body in yoga flow. With their magical voices, Kalindi & Yamuna from Atmasfera will also lead a yoga sound & pranayama meditation session to bring peacefulness to your entire being.

Drum Circle

Take Part

In the spirit of the yoga lifestyle, we also invite you to an interactive & fun learning experience with the skilled musicians of Atmasfera. With a unique and inspirational teaching style, drummer Timur will share a spiritual approach to groove. He will lead you toward finding your own beat in our Drum Circle - a fun and inclusive workshop for both old and young.

Local & Sustainable Foods


Feeding your soul with the mantra sounds, we are sure you’ll be in need of healthy sustenance for your body during the day. We therefore invite passionate cooks to offer you a fresh selection of vegetarian & yoga-inspired foodstuffs and sweets. All surplus from the food sales is used to keep this a free event, open to everyone.


We welcome everyone to the International Yoga Day Festival of Trondheim with a brief introduction to Yoga. With a small teaser to the actual meaning of the word ‘Yoga’, a short session of gentle physical yoga exercises, and soothing and simple mantra meditation.

A fun and soothing yoga class to live music by Atmasfera. Get into the flow and get inspired!

Weaving together melody, music, and mantra, Kirtan is simultaneously a meditative yet energizing activity. It is the most powerful and enjoyable form of meditation. Come try it out!

Take part of wonderful cooking tips on vegetarian food - the basis for a healthy and simple yogic diet.

Weaving together melody, music, and mantra in a refreshing concert-style, Atmasfera Mantra Diving is both fun & relaxing. We invite you to sing, clap, dance - and embark on a journey inward.



For those who would like to learn from passionate drummer Timur from Atmasfera, there will be a Drum Circle workshop right before the official opening of Yoga SoundFest 2018. This is a fun and explosive experience not to miss.

‘Japa’ - soft chanting of yoga sounds, or mantra. Repeating these sounds have the effect of drawing the mind away from the material world with all its stress and worries. With this practice, gradually your mind and heart will develop toward more tolerance, care, and love for others.




Find a deeper aspect to life - get inspired to make a change! Together with yoga music band Atmasfera, we arrange Mantra Diving sessions, yoga asana classes, serve delicious vegetarian food, lead wilderness hikes, and more.

Mantra Diving

Rest your heart in ancient yoga sounds

Blending melody, music, and mantra, Mantra Diving is a concept where participants respond to the words of the singer; clapping, swaying and sometimes dancing. It is simultaneously a meditative, relaxing, and fun activity. And it is the most powerful and enjoyable form of meditation - a spiritual journey.

Yoga Asanas

Refresh and relax body & mind

Relax in body and mind with yoga exercises. We teach hatha yoga centered around postures or asanas that aim to bring harmony between the body and the breath. Asana and pranayama (breathing exercises) open subtle energy channels in the body, so that you can have a greater experience of vitality and life force in the body.

Beautiful Nature

Possibility for hikes right around the corner

The retreat is located in close proximity to Femundsmarka National Park, famous for vast areas of marshes and lakes. In between the meditation programs, there will opportunities to go for shorter hikes in the surroundings.

Vegetarian Food

Enjoy daily home-made buffet meals

Feeding your soul with mantra sounds, we are sure you’ll also be in need some healthy sustenance for your body. We therefore offer you a selection of vegetarian & yoga-inspired foodstuffs and sweets.


Dates: Tuesday 2 Oct - Sunday 7 Oct
Place: Femundsundet, 2440 Engerdal
Included: 2 daily vegetarian buffet meals, accommodation in rooms of 2-3 beds with separate bathroom, yoga & meditation classes. 
Sign up: Send 1600,- (1400,- students)
to Vipps account #100008 (Trondheim Meditasjon & Yoga). 
For bank account payments and other info,
please leave your contact details to the right. 

Music & Videos

  • I am lost for words! There’s no way to describe the whole evening, the energy, the love. From the core of my heart I am thankful. Namaste.
  • An amazing job! Great concert! Nice location. Delicious food. Magic music! Thank you!
  • It was perfect. I hope you guys come next year! Looking forward to the mantra evening tomorrow.
  • Magisk deilig hærlig takk!
  • Veldig bra opplegg! High on life.

Atmasfera Norway 2018

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